Located in Placentia Bay, the busiest commercial bay in the province, Argentia is at the heart of the Newfoundland industrial scene.

Our terminal is:

  • 125 km from St. John’s, the main industrial and residential hub
  • 95 km from the North Atlantic Oil Refinery and Offshore Oil Transhipment Facility
  • 90 km from the Bull Arm Fabrication Facility, which is site for the Hebron mega project
  • 38 km from Long Harbour and the Vale Inco Hydromet mega project
  • in close proximity to all Offshore Oil projects happening in the province

Argentia was originally developed by the US Army as a Naval Base. Because of this, the port area still has an abundance of lay down and storage space. We can combine our efficient services with the over 180 hectares of available space to provide the right service for your business. Integrated Logistics is ready and able to handle all of your industrial supply.


Latitude 47° 18' 17" N
Longitude 53° 58' 44" W

Canadian charts n° 4817, 4841, 4622

1,800,000 m²






1 150 m 11 m Drinking water
Minor repairs
Pilotage available
Medical facilities
2 155 m 11 m
3 130 m 8.5 m
Depths are as per Chart Datum

For more information about this terminal, please visit www.argentia.ca.


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