Monty Dyke

Monty Dyke has been involved in the marine industry for over 30 years. With a formal education in biochemistry and oceanography, he has contributed to a wide variety of projects across the North Atlantic. Most recently, as the president of Newsul, Monty has overseen a Build Own Operate Project with the Come By Chance Oil Refinery. Up to now, over 500,000 MT of sulfur product have been reclaimed from the refinery. Newsul operations include the processing, storage and loading of bulk sulfur to leased vessels and the coordination of the sales across the globe. To date Newsul has managed over 85 bulk vessel loadings destined to international receivers. Monty's expertise in chemical products handling, marine transport and international sales bring a strong foundation to Integrated Logistics.

Denis Dupuis

Denis Dupuis is a successful entrepreneur from Québec. He founded in 1978 Quebec Stevedoring Company Ltd and its subsidiaries, known as the “QSL GROUP”. He manages a team of 1,300 employees throughout a network of 25 terminals located on a 3,000 km distance from Eastern Canada to the American Heartland (Chicago). A strong promoter of the St. Lawrence Seaway System, he continues to develop and invest in potential markets. A visionary, with more than 40 years of experience in the stevedoring industry, he most recently, through a new joint venture, started to operate two terminals located at Port Colborne and Port Weller in Ontario, and he has become a proud partner of Integrated Logistics.

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