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Integrated Logistics is a professional material handling company with expertise in marine transportation. We are a proven leader in handling a variety of cargoes associated with capital projects, large and small, including bulk, break bulk, containerized, and special cargoes. We deliver our clients professional people and certified equipment to make the transfers between ships, barges, marshalling areas, warehouses, and ground transportation while minimizing the risk of lost and damaged freight, as well as loss of production time.

Marine Logistics


A successful Marine Logistics plan will require expertise in the areas of local and international transportation laws, a variety of safe work regulations, the responsibility of charters, agents, and shippers, as well as the various companies who work in each category. We can go well beyond the standard scope of a stevedore service for clients who might require those resources.

Marine Base Management


The needs of the Offshore Energy sector are often defined as Marine Base Management. The function of the port changes when supporting 24-hour coverage to an offshore operation. The safe, efficient and secure coordination of the many services providers and physical assets are key to a successful project. We are experienced with these unique requirements and we have supported construction and retrofit projects for our provinces industry and we are ready to do more.

Contract Stevedoring


Our flexible, qualified, and experienced professional staff has and will continue to handle a variety of bulk, break-bulk, containerized, and special project cargoes. With this wealth of expertise, and an extended network reach over 25 terminals in Eastern Canada, our customers can count on one stevedoring group to handle all their port calls.

Project Cargo Management


With a flexible labour force and a vast array of equipment, we can offer a solution for virtually any project. Integrated Logistics has a wealth of experience serving mega projects in the oil & gas, energy, mining, and construction industries.

Facilities Management

Facilities Management

For large industrial clients with port infrastructure we provide the best solution for facilities management. We can provide a flexible workforce to move between regular site services requirements, such as snow clearing, road maintenance, and material transport, and also be available for the more unique skills of stevedoring, marine logistics, hole cleaning, and other port side vessel services.

Supply Chain Consultation


Integrated Logistics has a history of assisting customers with the challenges for planning, managing and executing the transportation of critical project and special cargoes. This can include the design of engineered transportation, and lift plans, to the coordination of multiple logistics services to ensure the seamless and safe execution of any material handling and movement.

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We Can Handle It

With a flexible labour force and a vast array of equipment, we can offer a solution for virtually any project.


A local and extended network or suppliers, partners, and port terminals.


A proven track record and a strong culture of safe operations.


Professionally trained and competent staff, focused on safety and efficiency.


Knowledge, experience, and dedication to our customers success.


Over 1,000 pieces of material handling equipment are available to meet your requirements.

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